Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking Responsibility

On Sunday morning, Dave and I lay in bed and watched a show from the two doctors who wrote You, The Owner's Manual. They helped some lady lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks. It wasn't anything drastic either - just walking every day, eating healthier, and some weight-lifting.

The biggest point the doctors made was that people do all this damage to themselves. Towards the end of the hour, when the woman had lost all that weight and changed her bad habits, Dr. Oz took her to the autopsy room and showed her the healthy and unhealthy organs. Just like he does on Oprah. That part was kinda funny because the woman kept gagging and didn't want to touch anything. I would've touched it all! I would've wanted to actually take off the latex gloves and touch the stuff.

Anyway, the Dr. was showing how the bad habits damage the organs. They also showed a live bypass surgery and at one point he gently poked a lung, showing the threads of tar in the pack-and-a-half-a-day smoker. He also showed the huge fatty layer around the patient's heart. I wonder why they don't cut that fat away?

We missed the first 15 minutes and only caught a glimpse of the house ambush where they put all the junk food on the table and then haul it away. The woman was a soda junkie and even at the end, she was still quaffing 3 a day (although she changed to diet).

I can't seem to get off my ass and exercise. It's so depressing because even the tiniest bit and I'm huffing and out of breath. Even just going from the basement to the bedrooms - that little 2 flights of stairs gets me winded. That actually scares me a bit. I should be able to go 2 flights without needing an oxygen tank.

It's like those stupid, cliche Nike commercials - Just Do It. I have to take responsibility and get moving. We have a Wii fit inside and outisde we have an excellent trail near us and there's no excuse (no matter what the weather) for me to not be moving more.

(BTW, after watching that show, we went downstairs and had doughnuts for breakfast. sigh)

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