Saturday, January 10, 2009


My addiction is Cane. That sweet, sweet white powder. I like it in it's pure form, in powder form, the strong brown stuff, but mostly I like it cooked into cake.


It's been my downfall most of my life. Maybe because I didn't get much as a kid but once I was on my own, it was all sugar all the time. Cocoa Puffs are my favorite cereal. When we go out to eat, I'd rather have dessert instead of an appetizer.

Dave's mom's place (where he can get his soda fix) is a landmine of cookie jars, candy dishes and bags of food that come home with us filled with grenades in the form of 2lb. bags of M&M's. She tells us we don't have to eat it and we could have some self-control but it hardly seems fair! She does it out of love and we don't fault her for our weight.

I had little stashes here and there in our house. Not that I care if Dave knows I eat this junk but I don't want the kids to have the same bad habits so I mostly I hid it from them. I've pretty much cleared these hidey holes out and what I have left, I leave untouched. I'm saving it in case of an emergency - hurricanes and such.


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