Thursday, January 8, 2009

Soda Addict

Mmmmm, soda. Why is it so tasty and addictive? I am one of those men who doesn't think that beer is that great. Kind of like JD on "Scrubs", I would pass on a beer in favor of a Dr. Pepper or Coke. (appletini in JD's case). At a bar, I usually order a Dos Equis or Killians or maybe even a Coors Light because mixed drinks, though preferred by me, tend to go down in a few minutes. College memories of Long Island Iced Teas, good times........good times. I don't order straight soda in a bar because they give you all ice and charge you ridiculous prices. I refuse to pay $2 for .03 cents worth of product. I would rather buy a mixed drink and pay $4.75 for 11 cents of product. Go figure. Anyway, soda is my biggest addiction, besides my lovely wife, of course! I have resolved to not buy soda in 2009. I will get my fix off leftover 2008 soda and anything that I drink outside of the house. My mom is always good for a hit during Sunday dinners.

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